About Brunch and Nald

Brunch and Nald (nicknames) met on their first day of college at a pickup ultimate game. Although it took Nald a few months to acknowledge that he was not as sick at ultimate as he thought and it took Brunch a few years to acknowledge that he did not stink at ultimate as much as he thought, they soon became great friends while competing at the college ultimate division 1 level. As juniors their TEAM qualified for college nationals for the first time in 5 years and ended up finishing t-13th in the nation. Brunch and Nald then focused their energy on running Somerville BAG, a mid-tier club ultimate team that focused on having fun and learning new things. They subsequently led the team to its first regionals appearance ever in 2019.

As COVID-19 put an early end to their final college season, and then basically cancelled the club ultimate season, they became interested in ways to continue throwing plastic in a safe and healthy manner. Disc golf was the obvious answer and they fell in love with it instantly. After about a month of immersing themselves in the game they decided to start Ultimate Disc Golfer to introduce ultimate players just like themselves to the sport of disc golf. You can reach both Brunch and Nald by visiting our Contact page.

Brunch and Nald, the Ultimate Disc Golfers!
Brunch and Nald at Their First Disc Golf Tournament