About Ultimate Disc Golfer

Ultimate Disc Golfer is a joint effort by two ultimate players (Brunch and Nald) to help guide other ultimate players to the wonderful sport of disc golf. Many resources for disc golf are meant for beginners who have never thrown a disc before. This is important in helping to grow the sport, but one of the largest markets for disc golf is not absolute beginners. Instead, it is people like us who have been throwing discs for years. 

We found that as we learned about disc golf (and continue to do so) the information we were looking for as ultimate players was not always easy to find or just didn’t exist at all. As we continued learning, we realized that the amount of information and practice it takes to understand disc golf acts as a barrier to entry to the sport. So we decided to capture what we learned and share it through Ultimate Disc Golfer to not only make it easier for you as an ultimate player to start playing disc golf, but also make you WANT to play disc golf!

Join us on our journey to unite the two greatest sports on earth. We recommend you start with Ultimate Player’s Guide to Picking Up Disc Golf if you are just starting out. If you find that you enjoy our content, help us out by signing up for our Newsletter and following us on social media to stay up to date with Ultimate Disc Golfer happenings like new posts, free giveaways, and other major announcements! Lastly, disc golf is more fun with friends (that’s why this is a joint effort) so tell your friends all about us! 

Have a nice day! 

Brunch and Nald