Disc Golf Discs Most Similar to an Ultrastar

Something I struggled with for a while in disc golf was finding a disc I could float out to space. You know, like throwing an around backhand and just letting it slowly glide into my handler’s (like Nald’s) grasp. I got really good at this throw in ultimate because I wasn’t trusted to throw downfield. But, all the hours I spent making my around throws automatic in ultimate didn’t seem to translate into disc golf. That is, until I discovered a beautifully understable disc that I could trust with my life (or to follow the line I put it on).

Read on to learn which disc changed my life (disc golf game) forever and some other disc golf discs most similar to an Ultrastar.

Most Popular Choice: Discraft Comet

By most popular I mean that it’s the one the internet seems to suggest for ultimate players. In fact, Pad Timmons, the director of ultimate at Discraft, recommended the comet for ultimate players in our podcast discussion with him (Hyzer Flip Ep. 10).

The comet is a straight flying mid-range disc. In disc golf straight flying generally means stable, which means it will follow the flight path you put it on. This is what ultimate players are used to with ultrastars. So, throwing a comet feels familiar and can help boost your disc golf game quickly!

Nald’s Choice: Discraft Rattler [Infinite]

When I asked Nald what disc he’s thrown that he thinks is most similar to an Ultrastar he gave me this. You got to give it to him, it looks exactly like an ultrastar. Writing about it just makes me want to try throwing it! I bet it glide’s real nice too.

Brunch’s Choice: Discraft Special Blend Luna

Weird that I didn’t choose an Innova disc for this. In fact, this is the only non-Innova disc that I currently bag and also probably my favorite disc because it has opened up my disc golf game fantastically. And yes, this is the disc I was referring to earlier that changed my life.

First off, ignore the flight numbers, this disc does not have a 3 fade, in fact it has no fade. I originally bought the disc because there was a lot of hype surrounding it. When I started throwing it I didn’t really understand why it wouldn’t fade. I then realized that it actually turned over quite well, and when I released with a wide angle like an around backhand or flick it followed the anyhyzer (outside-in) line perfectly and slowly straightened out at the end.

Aha! This disc did exactly what I desired! I now throw it for any turnover shot less than 300 feet, any approach shot that requires an anhyzer line, and sometimes I even putt with it. I bet I could throw it on a nice inside-out line too, or hyzer flip it. The possibilites are endless.

It doesn’t quite feel like an ultrastar, but I assure you that if an ultrastar decided to become a disc golf disc it would fly pretty dang close to how this special blend luna flies. Make sure you get the special blend plastic though. I heard that the disc does actually fade like it’s advertised in the other plastics.

Honorable Mentions:

Innova XT Nova [Infinite]

It has a slightly bigger rim than your typical disc golf disc which we ultimate players are used to. It also doesn’t have any turn or fade, so ideally it should follow the line you put it on just like an ultrastar.

I bagged it for a while, but mine was like 165 grams so it always felt a bit light in my hand and I never developed consistency with it. I’ve seen other ultimate players have success with it as an approach disc so I feel comfortable including it on this list. I think I’ll eventually purchase another one, but I’ll make sure it’s 175 grams!

Discraft Ultrastar

If you want something that flies like an ultrastar just throw the ultrastar. It’s PDGA approved and I garantee that it will fly just like an ultrastar.

Do I use it? No, because I’m dumb and also because it doesn’t physically fit into my disc golf bag.

Does anyone use it? Yes, Nate Sexton did before he was a super pro and Paige Pierce uses it to improve her consistency and to warm-up (see the video below)!


If you want a disc golf disc that flies like an ultrastar we recommend checking out the Discraft Comet, Luna, or Rattler. This is a small list, but make no mistake there are many more discs out there that perform admirably when immitating the ultrastar. You can check out a more comprehensive list at Disc Golf Now.

In my opinion, if you’re looking to improve your disc golf game you should first develop disc golf form and learn the flight paths of different disc golf discs with different stabilities. Then, you should pick up one of the discs listed above to allow you to throw all of those throws you originally developed in ultimate, like floaty around backhands!

Let us know what we missed in the comments below!

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