Guide to Disc Golf Disc Weights

Disc weights are like shoe sizes. When you were growing up, each new pair of shoes you bought seemed to increase in size! Similarly, as you grow in disc golf the weights of your discs may also increase. This guide to disc golf disc weights will help you learn what size shoe you are… I mean disc weight!

What are My Options?

Most discs are available in weights ranging from 160ish to 175ish grams. The max weight that a disc is available in is usually determined by the max weight that the PDGA approves for official use, so some discs may go up to 180 grams or higher. (The PDGA approved disc list is attached for reference at the bottom of this post)

You will also find discs available at weights lower than 160 grams. These lower weight discs are great for children. Some players will throw discs in the 150 gram weight range for specific shots, but that is relatively uncommon.

For your sake, remember that discs are available between 160 and 175 grams. We’ll get into some of the factors that should influence your disc weight selection below.

Back of Innova Disc with weight written in pen
Innova labels the weight of the disc in handwritten pen in the center of the underside of the disc. The DX Roc above is 170 grams.

Factors that Influence Weight Selection

Arm Strength

The main factor you should consider when selecting a disc weight is your arm strength. When we refer to arm strength we don’t just mean strength in the sense of how much weight you can lift. What is more important is how developed your throwing form is. A more developed form will generally mean more arm strength.

Lower arm strengths (beginners) should reach for lighter discs between 160 and 170 grams depending on the type of disc. Players with a medium level arm strength should reach for discs between 165 and 172 grams. Higher arm strengths should reach for discs between 170 and 175 grams.

Ultimate players that have been throwing frisbees for a while can typically start with higher weighted golf discs because their form and therefore arm strength is more developed than an absolute beginner to disc sports.

Body Type

Body types vary, so there is no one size fits all when it comes to disc weights (just like shoes). Women will typically, not always, throw slightly lighter discs than men. Children will throw much lighter discs between 120 and 150 grams.

Again, a lot of this goes back to strength. Players with more strength will generally throw higher weighted discs between 170-175 grams, and players with less strength will throw between 160-170 grams.

Discraft labels the weight of the disc on a sticker that is on the the rim on the underside of the disc
Discraft labels the weight of the disc on a sticker that is attached to the inside of the disc’s rim.


Weather also influences which weight you would want to use. Heavier discs are generally more overstable than lighter discs. Overstable discs resist wind better than less stable discs. Therefore, disc golfers will generally reach for heavier, more overstable discs when it’s windy.

Shot Type

Lastly, the shot type influences the disc weight you should use. For shorter shots like putts and approaches, basically everyone except children should use heavier discs (170-175 grams). This means your putter should be between 170 and 175 grams.

As you move further away from the basket, you may want to decrease the weights of your discs based on the factors discussed above. If you have good strength and form you’ll probably keep throwing discs that are close to 175 grams. If you are still developing your form, or you’re a smaller player with less strength, you may want to decrease the weight of your discs accordingly.

Also, for roller shots or turnover shots, disc golfers will generally use lighter weight discs, but if you are a beginner don’t worry about that too much for now!


Thanks for the info bro, but what weight discs should I buy?

High StrengthMedium StrengthDeveloping Form/Strength
Fairway Driver170-175165-172165-170

The above table is a decent reference. Women with developed form will generally fall between the medium and high strength columns. Many professional women players do throw maximum weight discs.

Keep in mind that wind may require you to use a higher weight if available. Similarly, turnover shots may be easier with lighter discs.

If you’re ready to buy some discs check out Discraft Discs for Beginners and Innova Discs for Beginners. If you still have no idea what disc weight you should throw, comment below and we will do our best to help you out!

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