Innova Discs for Beginners

So you’ve gotten a few disc golf rounds under your belt and you’re ready to make your first disc purchase, but with so many choices out there where do you begin? In this post we’ll be giving you our recommendations on the best Innova discs for beginners. You can also check out our guide to the best Discraft Discs for Beginners.

Recommended Innova Discs Preview

Here is our summary of all the discs we review in this post. They’re all linked to where you can learn more and purchase if you’re ready! We recommend you read our Guide to Disc Golf Disc Weights before making your purchase. Feel free to skip ahead to whichever discs interest you most!


“Putters? I already have a putter from my starter set. Why do I need another one?”

Well you don’t necessarily need another putter for putting, but you should consider getting a putter for throwing approach shots, and also for controlled drives on tight fairways. Below we highlight our favorite Innova putters to help maximize your game.

KC-Pro Aviar [Infinite]

Yellow KC-Pro Aviar

Our first Putter recommendation is the KC-Pro Aviar. Some highlights include:

  • Made of firm KC – pro plastic
  • Big-beaded (the bottom of the rim isn’t a smooth curve but instead has a lip)
  • Favorite Putter of 12x World Champion Ken Climo (hence KC-Pro)

The KC-Pro Aviar is best used for:

  • Putting
  • Controlled approaches with some fade at the end
  • Driving off the tee for shorter wooded holes
  • Hitting tight lines

As you can tell, the KC-Pro Aviar is a versatile disc that can be used for just about anything. Unlike a regular Aviar putter it has a big bead. Some people love beads on their putter, some people don’t. As an emerging beginner we recommend you try a disc with a bead to see if you like it. Brunch started putting with a beaded putter and really liked it.

R-Pro Pig [Infinite]

White R-Pro Pig

Our second putter recommendation is the R-Pro Pig. Some highlights include:

  • A softer more tacky feeling plastic that is great in cold weather
  • High fade that allows for creative shot-shaping
  • Low glide which allows for precise accuracy
  • Favorite Disc of 2-time World Champion Ricky Wysocki

The R-Pro Pig is best used for:

  • Precise approach shots with a consistent hard fade finish
  • Hyzer Putting
  • Ricky Wysocki also uses it for drives under 350 feet. (Most people aren’t Ricky Wysocki!)

The high fade and low glide of the Pig are what really set it apart. It is a versatile disc that allows for you to get creative with your approach shot lines, especially on wooded courses. The soft feeling plastic is also great for players that want to experiment with discs that have different plastic flexibilities. If you pair it with the KC-Pro Aviar which is a very firm plastic you’ll be able to tell for yourself which type of plastic you prefer!


Mid-ranges are an often overlooked part of the bag, especially for newer players. However, becoming familiar with mid-range discs is important because they offer the perfect combination of control and distance. This combination of control and distance makes them the perfect discs for wooded courses. Below we offer our two favorite innova mid-range discs for emerging players.

Champion Roc3 [Infinite]

Blue Champion Roc3

Our first mid-range recommendation is the Champion Roc3. Some highlights include:

  • Similar to the Roc which is a common starter midrange, except a bit faster
  • Good consistent fade on the finish
  • Made out of firm and durable champion plastic
  • Nice comfortable rim shape that fits great in the hand

The Champion Roc3 is best used for:

  • Throwing around tight curves (use that fade!)
  • Controlled shots through curved lines
  • Driving off the tee for shorter holes

When we first started playing disc golf, I found a Champion Roc3 with no name or number on it. It was my first non DX starter pack disc and it really taught me how to use a disc’s fade to my advantage. Especially on holes that curved to the right where the fade complimented my lefty backhand perfectly. After losing that Roc3, I purchased a RocX3 [Infinite Discs] which is the same thing but with a little more fade. Up to you which one you go for, just now it will find a consistent place in your bag!

Star Manta [Infinite]

Pink Star Manta

Our next mid-range recommendation is the Star Manta. Some highlights include:

  • Neutral to slighty understable flight path
  • Relatively forgiving if you miss your line
  • Brunch’s favorite mid-range

The Star Manta is best used for:

  • Turnover shots off the tee
  • Shot shaping through wooded courses
  • Straight shots

As mentioned above, this is one of my favorite discs. At the time of writing, I actually don’t have a Manta in my bag because I threw it into a pond. I do need to get one again soon because there are so many shots that I wish I had the manta for.

It’s not one of the most popular Innova discs, but I find it to be great for turnover shots given that it’s slightly understable. It does have some fade on its finish however, so if you miss your line it will adjust back as long as you didn’t miss it by a mile. You can also use it for straight shots by releasing it slightly hyzer and letting it flip up to flat. Overall, the Manta is a great disc, even if it’s not one of the most popular Innova discs.


A lot of people recommend that you don’t throw high speed drivers as you’re starting out. I agree that throwing slower speed discs helps you learn the proper form, but at some point if you are trying to improve you will want to start throwing higher speed drivers.

If you’re an ultimate player, then chances are that time will come sooner than for someone who has never played discs sports before. Below we offer a speed 8 fairway driver and speed 10 distance driver which will introduce you to higher speed discs and help round out your bag.

Champion Teebird3 [Infinite]

Our first driver recommendation is the Star Teebird3. Some highlights include:

  • Precision fairway driver
  • Consistent fade on finish
  • Made out of durable star plastic
  • Great for learning how to throw overstable drivers

The Champion Teebird3 is best used for:

  • Shaping drives off the tee
  • Forehand drives
  • Shots that require fade on the finish
  • Drives into the wind

The Teebird3 is a faster version of the Teebird, the most popular fairway driver from Innova. It’s known for its consistent flight pattern with a nice straight flight and some fade at the end. The Teebird3 is overstable but not so much that it is hard to control for emerging beginners. In fact, it is a great disc for learning how to throw overstable drivers. Since it is overstable, it is also a great disc for forehand drives. Overall, the Teebird3 is a great go to driver for emerging beginners.

Champion Beast [Infinite]

Red Champion Beast

Our next driver recommendation is the Champion Beast. Some highlights include:

The Champion Beast is best used for:

  • Distance Driving
  • S-Shots
  • Hyzer line Drives
  • Open Fairways

The Beast is a great distance driver for beginners because it teaches you the subtleties of a distance driver’s flight. You’ll quickly pick-up on any problems in your form if you pay attention, and after a few practice sessions you’ll be bombing it (I hope)!


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so let us know which Innova discs you think are the best for beginners in the comments below! If you’d like more info on any of these discs check out Innova’s disc comparison tool.

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